My name is Fred McKinney. Ever since the mid-1990’s, when web usage began to take off and become a part of everyday life, I have long been fascinated by all of the technologies involved in the creation and hosting of websites. During 1996 and 1997, I was a graduate student at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, where I earned a Master’s degree in library and information sciences. Some of the classes I had, however, covered website development, even going beyond basic HTML and covering topics like Javascript, SQL (database query language) and Perl, a general-purpose programming language, which was also once commonly used as a server-side scripting language on the web. Truth be told, I found myself more fascinated by that than classes which dealt with more traditional library-related topics. As such, it became a hobby with me, where I also, on my own, learned CSS, the PHP server-side scripting language (much easier than using Perl for that), and both raster and vector image creation and editing.

In time, after earning the degree, I landed a job at the Jung-Kellogg Library (now the Jung-Kellogg Learning Center) at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, where I worked for nearly 15 years. Working at MBU was an absolute joy, as it felt like you were working with family. I had, in fact, envisioned working there until I retired, but that was not meant to be. In mid-2018, I was laid off from MBU due to budget cuts, which left me wondering just what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I happened to remember that MBU’s website has been based on WordPress since 2013. I then did some research and found that WordPress is rated as the #1 CMS (content management system), which powers over a third of all websites in the entire world. I then looked at the course offerings at the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ (UMSL) West County Computer Center. At the time, UMSL just happened to offer beginning and intermediate courses in WordPress, and they just happened to offer them only a week or two after my last day at MBU, which I was very excited about. My wife Rebekah agreed to spend the money for me to take those classes, which I took, and I learned a lot.

Several months after completing the courses, in early 2019, I landed my first client, a counselor, whose practice is based in Washington, MO, about an hour or so west of St. Louis. Less than a year later, in early 2020, Rebekah landed a job as the library director at Missouri State University’s West Plains campus. Even though there are some things I miss about living in the greater St. Louis area, I did grow up in the Ozarks, and so for me, the move to West Plains was like coming home. Little did I know that the move to West Plains would quickly give me two more website projects, as described in the next two paragraphs.

One of these projects was a redo of the Houston, MO Chamber of Commerce website after some issues arose regarding their previous web host that they were very unhappy with, asking me to create a new website for them ASAP.

The other project started with an invitation from lifelong friend Doug Driesel, aka Doug DeForest, to join the George D. Hay society. I joined in June of 2020, and then, six months later, at their December meeting, I was asked if I would take over as president of the society starting in January of 2021, which I accepted. Society founder Eric Lewis created the original website for the society. While I am grateful for Eric’s work in creating the society website, it was in major need of a facelift/overhaul, plus it did not have its own domain name. As society president, I decided to create an all-new version of the society website that’s better-looking, easier to navigate, and illustrates just a sample of what I can do for your business or organization’s web presence.

Thus, what you are looking at is the fulfillment of a dream I have had for almost half my life — to help make your business or organization’s web presence the best it can be, not to mention make a living doing something I enjoy doing. If your business or organization needs a website, needs to have its website completely redone and brought up to modern standards, or you’re having problems with your current web host and you need your existing website transferred over to a completely different host, or if your company needs an eye-catching logo or other graphics work, I’m here to help with any of the above, serving all of southern Missouri, northern Arkansas, and anywhere else in the continental United States. I’m only an E-mail away from our contact page or a phone call away at (573) 776-5253 and would love to hear from you.